CCERB43 - Front Radial Brackets For 43mm Inverted Fork Tubes


Radial Brake Caliper Brackets for the 43mm Fork Tubes.

Custom Cycle Engineering, the leader in aftermarket fork tubes for Harley Davidson has developed one piece billet brackets for fitment to radial mount calipers to their 43 mm tubes for Low Rider S (FXLRS 2020-2022) and Low Rider ST (FXLRST 2022)

Benifits of radial mount calipers are numerous including increased feedback and better calipers to disc alignmentas they are secured to the bracket at both ends vs axial mounted calipers for better pad to disc contact during extreme braking. Radial mounting allows fitment to larger diameter rotors.

Brakets come in pairs and will adapt to factory Harley fork tubes as well as Custom Cycle Engineering fork tubes. Use with factory axle and fender. Fits most radial mount calipers with 100mm bolt center. Kit includes left and right side brackets, bolts for caliper (calipers not included)