Death Metal Racing - 2018-up Softail Mid Controls



Death metal racing 2018-up m8 softail mid controls. Our mid controls are approximately 3" back from the factory mid control location. This in turn gives you a much better feel and better handling. Also our controls are tucked in nice and tight giving you a full unobstructed view of the exhaust unlike the factory mid controls.  Works with older style, standard male mount harley pegs. This allows for greater footpeg options. Available with speed hole levers or our new destroyer levers. They work perfectly with the hpi exhaust made exclusively for our mids (contact us to order), bassani road rage 3 stainless 2 into 1 exhaust, and two brother exhaust.  May work with similar 2 into 1 exhaust systems where the rear pipe wraps around the nose cone. If you have any questions or concerns about your exhaust and fitment, do not hesitate to email or call. Cnc laser cut thick 3/8" steel mounting plates, 1/4" thick shift and brake arms. Comes with all required stainless steel mounting hardware. Right side works with factory clutch cable, no need to convert to hyraulic clutch. Includes brembo 13mm master cylinder and our billet fluid reservoir.  Left side bolts over primary cover and requires no modifications to the primary. We offer 2 different shift options. Option 1 is for softails that came with factory mid controls or have been converted over to factory mid shift. This option allows you to use your factory, through the primary shifter shaft and shift linkage. Option 2 is for softail models that did not come with factory mid controls (does not have a shifter shaft through the primary). The shift arm assembly goes up and over the primary, and requires no modification to your primary and comes with the shift linkage. Pegs are not included with the mids. Those are sold separately. Mids are available in a variety of finishes. Raw steel (coat or plate yourself), chrome, powdercoated texure black, powdercoated gloss black, and other powdercoated finishes available. Call us for custom colors. Pegs sold separately. Made one set at a time right here in the u.s.a.  lead time is normally 1-2 days for raw steel (coat yourself) or 5-7 days for powdercoated mids. These are custom made to order parts, no refunds, exchange only.