Lucky Speed 15up Softail 6blocc Shorty Levers


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The "6blocc Style" 15-UP Softail levers have the old school drilled three hole look in each lever to give any bike they wind up on that "bad attitude."  The old guard used to drill their levers with the "An ounce is an ounce.." mentality to shave weight for the strip. Nowadays, its more of a nostalgic feeling overall, but if you're into shaving weight, here's you go! Either way, you'll be sure to be turning heads wherever you're going. 

Our levers are 2-1/8" shorter than stock for a comfortable two-three finger cruising grip. These levers easily fit three-four fingers in case you need a little extra braking/clutching power when you're flying low. 


All 15-Present Softail models including Low Rider ST


*All Levers Are Made To Order With A Two Week Lead Time*