S&S HI-4N Ignition Kit


  • Updated version of the popular Crane HI-4 ignition
  • More power than the stock ignition
  • Single-fire and dual-fire function built into a single module
  • All-metal housing provides improved heat dissipation
  • Ignition advance and timing degree markings are on the metal flange
  • Convenient cable notch in the housing makes installation easier and prevents damage to the cable
  • Sensor and magnet housings are built into the all-metal back plate to protect the sensors from damage during installation
  • Sensor housings contain advanced flux concentrators with high-temperature-resistant samarium/cobalt magnets for accurate, reliable ignition triggering
  • Electronics are fully enclosed to resist vibration, moisture and dirt
  • All electronics are mounted directly to the metal housing, which acts as a heat sink
  • Four rotary switches for ignition mode selection, advance rate, and rev limit
  • Switches provide accurate, repeatable settings
  • Includes ignition module, S&S ignition coil and correct-length spark plug wires
  • Ignition rotor includes bolt and lock washer
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Not for fuel-injected models