Kraus Wolf One Pro Kit 15up Roadglides


Riser height
Perch Half Clamp
Harness Extension

The Wolf One Pro Kit is the top of the line, giving you a high class all billet performance setup. The Kickback Isolated Risers and Fly Moto Bars offer an aggressive upright body position.
The RG Billet Gauge Bezel and Wolf One Top Clamp allows you to get rid of your cheap looking plastic Nacelle (gauge housing)

The Wolf One Pro Kit offers everything you need in one easy package.

This setup replaces your OEM Top Triple Tree and has a total pullback of 1.5" in the risers. The Gauge bezel can be optionally mounted in the front or rear of the risers.

Your top Tree Clamp is an essential part of a performance front end setup. The Wolf One Top Clamp has been engineered and designed with a broader cross section offering increased axial strength over the stock Harley Tree. The increased surface area of our wide body fork clamps offer positive hold of your forks giving you peace of mind that your Triple Tree setup will absorb the abuse of hard use.

FM Fly Moto Style Bars require the purchase of Pro-line Perch Half Clamps. Can be used with existing OEM Harley handlebars.

Fitment: 2014 and up Road Glides. Will work on other touring bikes with customization to original OEM parts.

See what the team at Moonshine Harley has done using the Kraus riser handlebar setups.


  • Wolf One Billet Bagger Top Clamp - Black Anodized or Machine Finish / With Lock
  • RG Billet Gauge Bezel - T-Bar & Riser Clamp / Black Anodized or Machine Finish
  • Kraus Kickback Isolated Risers - 8˝, 10" or 12˝ / Black Anodized or Machine Finish
  • 1-1/8" FM Fly Moto Style Black Bars 
  • Optional RG Speedometer Instrument Extension Harness
  • Optional Pro-line Perch Half Clamps