Put your feet in the right place

Increase rider comfort and control with the One Floor Boards.

Designed for Aggressive Comfort, the One Floorboards are adjustable 1" forward to rear so you can get your legs and feet in the correct position depending on your body and riding style.
With the boards in their rear most position it gives the rider the feel of mid-controls but still retains the comfort of a full size board

The light weight Aluminum boards have replaceable slippery Delrin Sliders on the outer most edge so you won't destroy your boards on the tarmac when you're digging deep in the corners.

    • All Harley Bagger Models 1982 to 2021
    • Softail Models up to 2017
    • Dimensions 4.75" W x 12" L x 1.75" T
    • Sold in pairs

This is the One Performance Floorboard

      • Light Weight Aluminum construction
      • Adjustable forward to rear by 1 inch
      • Replaceable Delrin Slider
      • Offered in Black Anodized or Machine finishes