HorsePower Inc. Milwaukee 8 Softail Exhausts


HorsePower Inc. Exhausts in stainless For Milwaukee 8 Softail



All Softail exhausts ordered after 11/10/22 with include the bag bracket for the ST models 


What is Horsepower


Horsepower Inc. (HPi) is the leader in v-twin fuel injection, specializing the in the manufacturing design of high performance parts engineered to provide more power and overall performance located on Gasoline Alley in Indianapolis, IN.  We proudly serve over 300 dealers in the United States and Worldwide.  All aspects of the manufacturing and design process are completed in house, on state-of-the-art machining equipment from United States material and United States labor.

HPi was the first company to manufacture an aftermarket throttle body and intake replacement for the Harley-Davidson® industry and has continued to lead the way in v-twin fuel injection.  With their success in quality of parts and knowledge in the industry, HPi has been able to keep up with the changes of design Harley-Davidson® has made to their existing components and have expanded their product line offering a throttle body upgrade for every fuel injected Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

A key advantage over competitors is the fact that HPi continues to react to changes in the fuel injection market before anyone else.  They are one of the only companies to offer a throttle body for all makes and models of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that fits all popular build specifications, while staying O.E.M. compatible making the product affordable for consumers.  Their technology, quality and knowledge in parts is also unmatched. 

Over the years HPi has invested tremendously in new technology to produce quality products they are proud to stand behind.  Through knowledge in the industry, new design software, multi-axis machining centers, inspection equipment, and overall great customer service, Horsepower has excelled where others have failed.