Bungking Gripple Upper Shock Mount Frame Sliders


Product Description
Delrin frame sliders have been used on street bikes for years to protect the sides of them in case of a crash. Delrin by nature is very resistant to shattering under high impact and has a slippery quality making it slip across the pavement as opposed to digging in and causing the bike to flip. This is one of many products we have been developing for Harley applications. This kit is a direct bolt on kit for early and late Dynas as well as most Evo Sportsters. The kit comes with all of the hardware and spacers needed to replace the factory parts and keep everything in alignment. You can even keep your stock shock cover in place, if you are running factory shocks.

Ripple outer profile for extra grip
Available in 4" slider length (the length of the delrin slider)
Sold as a kit 2 sliders, hardware and spacers
Grade 8 hardware for strength
'03 and earlier Sportster require additional adapters which are included with the '03 and earlier shock slider kit.