Lightning Strike Riser & Moto Bar Combo Pack


Top Clamp
Riser Finish

Experience the ultimate upgrade for your hand controls with the LSS Lightning Strike Risers and Moto Bar Combo Pack! Our precision-engineered 5-axis CNC milled risers offer a noticeable 1" pullback for unmatched comfort on the road. Crafted from high-grade 6061 Aerospace aluminum, The design of these risers redefines industry standards, ensuring durability and style that stands out. Compatible with all 1" handlebars and fits various HD models. Elevate your ride with LSS Lightning Strike Risers & Moto Bar Combo Pack today!

Customize your ride to perfection with the LSS Lightning Strike Risers & Moto Bar Combo Pack! Choose from a variety of color options for your riser set and select your preferred Thrashin handlebar height to complete your dream build. Rest assured, all combos are guaranteed by us to fit seamlessly onto your ride, ensuring a perfect match every time.