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Denton Performance Fairing and Windshield Critical Information.







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Quarter Fairing Description: 


Fits: 2020 Harley Davidson Quarter Fairing for 2018-2020 FXLRS FXLR FXBB 

HD part # 57000980/57000981xxx

Introducing the first true bolt on 2018-2021 Harley-Davidson replacement Softail quarter fairing from Denton Performance Design. This item replaces the H-D part # 57001615DH that is plagued with structural issues due to poor mounting provisions. The original OEM fairing was a fresh look for the #milwaukee8 Softail platform popularized by Denton Performance Design with our proprietary #fxxt T-sport windshields. This combination is a new, fresh, modern look that stands out amongst other quarter fairing setups for #m8softails industry wide. While our beloved 2001-2003 T-Sport was iconic, the new #m8 platform needed something new that just another re-pop fairing couldn't provide in style and aesthetic with the new lines of the Softail platform. Denton Performance Design has engineered in house, a replacement fairing that doesn't break with wind pressure from an insufficient mounting design in the form of rubber grommets and plastics push tabs. Our fairing is molded from an OEM fairing so the look of the fairing is identical on the front side to OEM and the back of the fairing has our reinforced mounting areas with knurled brass inserts that are molded into the fairing during the manufacturing process for additional strength.


  • This fairing is a replacement manufactured in fiberglass or carbon fiber and will need to be fitted to your bike to before performing body work and painting to match OEM color.
  • This fairing re-uses the OEM mounting hardware from H-D. We provide QTY: (4) ARP 1/4-20 stainless fasteners for mounting the fairing to the existing OEM H-D brackets using our CNC machined aluminum 6061 adapters. Bolts and adapters are included with the fairing.
  • If you own an existing fairing there is no need to purchase brackets from H-D.
  • If you are a first time buyer of this fairing and do not already posses the OEM fairing and hardware you will need the following:
  • FXLR/FXBB hardware for 49mm forks requires H-D Part # 57001249. Fits '18-later FXBB, FXLR and FXST. FXBB and FXST installation requires separate purchase of 12700164, 67800630 & 67015-02 (2).
  • FXLRS hardware for 43mm inverted Showa Forks requires H-D Part # 57001250. Fits '2--later FXLRS models. Also compatible with 5.75" headlight bucket, trim ring, screw and lock nut (67700380, 67700375, 3383, & 7606).


Please select from the options in the drop down list below. Fairings are offered as fairing only if you currently own one of shields already. Options include fairing only or fairing with #fxxt windshield in 10'' 12'' 14'' 16'' in clear, light smoke, and dark smoke.


Fairing can be ordered in carbon fiber with no windshield or with the windshield options aforementioned.


Windshield Description:


Introducing the highly anticipated FXXT-Sport Windshield designed for use with the recently released 2020 H-D Softail Quarter Fairing. The FXXT concept is a modern interpretation of the iconic FXDXT T-Sport Dyna model manufactured from 2001-2003. The OEM motorcycle build mindset at Denton Performance Design continues with the development of the FXXT in our lineup of factory motorcycles we all long for. The 2020 T-Sport dubbed the FXXT, will be the first “custom” that can be aesthetically replicated by you, right at home in your garage. With the release of the first proprietary component in the 2020 T-Sport build series, set your softail apart from the rest with our FXXT-Sport windshield. Available in heights of 10”,12”,14” with tints ranging from clear, light smoke and dark smoke. Mounted to the fairing utilizing the OEM fairing windshield hardware, the FXXT-Sport windshield installs in minutes with basic hand tools. The added windshield height brings additional wind protection in conjunction with the fairing while delivering our signature sanitary aesthetics we are known for. The FXDXT is a coveted legend of yesterday, however the look is timeless. Start building your legend today with the FXXT-Sport Windshield from Denton Performance Design.



Your safety is our top priority. We were recently alerted to an ongoing alleged issue with the inadequate hardware provided with the OEM Softail Quarter Fairing (HD part number #57000981DH) becoming dislodged from the OEM mounting bracket (HD part numbers #57001249, #57001250) when utilizing the OEM windshield. This is an alleged defect at the time of manufacture and is unrelated to the DPD FXXT-Sport Windshield. When installing the DPD FXXT-Sport windshield we require that you utilize the following work around to prevent the fairing from becoming dislodged from the mounting bracket. 


Included in your shipment you will find: 

​• 4 (four) rubber mounting grommets

• 4 (four) stainless steel e-clips


Chat with a Lucky Speed Team member (bottom right of screen,) or call 916.259.4461, or email to ensure correct mounting bracket & fitment for your make and model Harley. Our lines are live 10am-4:30pm Monday-Friday.


Please refer to our installation instructions page, the link is provided on the product label of your FXXT-Sport Windshield.